Single-Server Installation

The single-server installation scenario is suitable for small environments with up to 100 ESXi hosts. You can also use the scenario for evaluation and proof of concept for Veeam MP for VMware.

In this scenario, the following Veeam MP for VMware components are installed on a single Management Server:

  • Veeam Virtualization Extensions Service
  • Veeam Virtualization Extensions UI
  • Veeam VMware Collector

To deploy Veeam MP for VMware, follow these steps:

  1. Configure the Management Server to allow proxying.
  2. Import Veeam management packs and install the VE Service, Veeam UI and Veeam VMware Collector using the unified installer.

When you connect to your vCenter Server, the Veeam UI will make recommendations for the number of Collector servers required. If your infrastructure requires more than one Collector, you can install additional instances of the Veeam VMware Collector component to distribute monitoring load and allow high-availability monitoring. For details, see Collector-Only Installation.

After you complete the procedure, you can customize and tune Veeam MP for VMware for your particular monitoring requirements. For more information, see the Operations Guide.