Heatmap Dashboards

Heatmap dashboards compare two dimensions of performance metric values for objects and represent data as a heatmap. Heatmap objects are represented both by size of each heatmap tile, and by the color of each tile. Tiles are also grouped.

There are 4 heatmap dashboards available in the root Veeam for VMware folder:

  • Heatmap - Host Compute dashboard shows CPU and memory usage for vSphere hosts.
  • Heatmap - VM Disk Performance dashboard shows disk usage and latency for virtual machines.
  • Heatmap - VM Snapshot Finder dashboard shows used storage space and snapshot age for virtual machines.
  • Heatmap - VM Storage and Power dashboard shows used storage space and the state of virtual machines.

Example screenshot below shows the heatmap for host CPU and memory usage. The size of each tile represents the available CPU or memory for each host; and the color of the tile represents the % usage of CPU or memory.

Host Compute Heatmap

The default configuration of the heatmap widgets can be customized. For details on changing widget settings, see section Personalizing Veeam Dashboard Widgets.