Initial Configuration

The credentials to access the vCenter Server are configured in the Veeam UI when adding the vCenter Server connection. However, to allow the vCenter Connection Failover feature to function, credentials for direct connection to vSphere hosts are also required. These host credentials should be securely stored in a Run As profile in Operations Manager.

This profile is included in Veeam MP for VMware and is named Veeam VMware Direct ESX(i) Connection Account. For details on configuring the Run As account, see section Configure Run As Profile for vCenter Connection Failover.


The vCenter Connection Failover script is run under the Agent Action Account for the agent on the Veeam Virtualization Extensions server. For the script to function properly, this Agent Action Account should also be a member of the Veeam Virtualization Extensions Users local group on the server.

Keep in mind that the vCenter Connection Failover feature will not work if you use Local System as the default Agent Action Account.