Discovery Filtering

Veeam MP for VMware offers a possibility to exclude certain VMs and datastores from the VMware topology discovery. To do that, you should apply the Veeam MP for VMware overrides on the Veeam Stage 2 – Virtual Machine and Veeam Stage 2 – Datastore discovery rules.

You can apply the following overrides:

  • ExcludeVMsByVMName — to exclude VMs by VM name
  • ExcludeVMsByDatastoreName — to exclude VMs by datastore name
  • ExcludeVMsByFolderName — to exclude VMs by folder name
  • ExcludeDatastoresByDatastoreName — to exclude datastores by name

The override values support wildcards, for example, you can exclude VMs whose names contain “*_dev_*”, “*_todelete” or “*_replica” suffix. To separate VM names, datastore names and folder names, use commas.


Applied overrides will take place only after the VMware topology is re-discovered. VMware topology re-discovery is performed according to the specified schedule. However, you can force the discovery process using the Rebuild Topology operation in the Veeam UI (for details, see Veeam Collectors Tab).

By default, Veeam MP already contains overrides for the Veeam Stage 2 – Datastore and Veeam Stage 2 – Virtual Machine discovery rules. These overrides exclude from discovery temporary objects created during backup verification process: datastores whose name starts with “Veeambackup”, and temporary VMs that reside on datastores whose name starts with “Veeambackup”. For details, see the MP for Veeam Backup & Replication User Guide.

The excluded VMs and datastores will not appear in OpsMgr topology views, performance views, state views, event views, alerts, analysis monitors and dashboards. However, these VMs and datastores may still appear in historical reports if the specified reporting period includes the time span before overrides have been applied.