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Veeam MP Auto-Deployment

Auto-deployment installation scenario is suitable for large environments with several Ops Mgr Management Servers. It allows you to automatically deploy Veeam VMware Collectors on chosen Management Servers.

Veeam MP Auto-Deployment Important!

To enable successful installation of Veeam Collectors, check that local security policies do not prevent program installation for the Default Action Account on the Management Servers.

To automate deployment of Collectors, you can create a resource pool with Management Servers that will host Collectors, and choose this pool during setup. Veeam VMware Collector components will be installed automatically on all Management Servers in the chosen resource pool.

This section describes a simple auto-deployment scenario where:

  • VE Service, Veeam UI and Veeam Management Packs are installed on one Management Server.
  • Veeam VMware Collectors are deployed on Management Servers in a resource pool.

To deploy Veeam MP for VMware, follow these steps:

  1. Create a resource pool with Management Servers that will host Veeam Collectors.
  2. Configure Management Servers to allow Proxying.
  3. Install VE Service and Veeam UI, and import Veeam management packs.
  4. Configure the Veeam VMware Collector Auto-Deployment Run-As profile.

After completing these steps, you can customize and tune Veeam MP for VMware for your particular monitoring requirements. To accomplish this, see the Operations Guide.

Veeam MP Auto-Deployment Note:

In the described scenario, all Veeam MP components are installed on the same Management Server, and Veeam management packs are imported automatically during setup.

However, you can change this scenario to install Veeam UI on a separate machine, or import Veeam management packs manually.

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