Datastore Performance Analysis Monitors

Monitor/ Alert Name


Parent Monitor


Alert Description

Veeam VMware: Datastore Latency Analysis



MaxDeviceLatency >40 (warning)
MaxDeviceLatency >80 (error)

MaxDeviceLatency is the highest of MaxDeviceReadLatency and MaxDeviceWriteLatency

Datastore [DatastoreName] exhibited high max latency of [MaxLatency] ms averaged over [NumSamples] sample(s).

The latest highest latency values (over 1 sample) for related metrics are:

Read Latency [maxDeviceReadLatency] ms reported by host [maxDeviceReadLatency.Hostname]

Write Latency [maxDeviceWriteLatency] ms reported by Host [maxDeviceWriteLatency.Hostname]

Current Datastore load is [IOPS _Total] total IOPS with a usage rate of [readRate _Total] KB/s read and [writeRate _Total] KB/s write.

Top [N] hosts for latency and IOPS to this datastore are:

Host Name – MaxLatency ms, (IOPS)
[host name]  - [maxDeviceLatency] ms, ([IOPS:hostname] iops)
[host name]  - [maxDeviceLatency] ms, ([IOPS:hostname] iops)
[host name]  - [maxDeviceLatency] ms, ([IOPS:hostname] iops)
[host name]  - [maxDeviceLatency] ms, ([IOPS:hostname] iops)
[host name]  - [maxDeviceLatency] ms, ([IOPS:hostname] iops)

Veeam VMware: Datastore Free Space Analysis



>75 warning
>85 error

<400 warning
<250 error

Overall state = worst state of any metric

Datastore [datastore name] has breached the free space threshold.

Datastore is currently [usedPct]% used, with [freeGB] GB space remaining.

This Datastore contains [vmTotal] virtual machines.

If a Datastore becomes full it can lead to corruption of VM disk files. Free space by removing VM snapshots, deleting non-VM files (such as ISOs), or migrating VMs to alternative storage.

Veeam VMware: Datastore Provisioning Analysis



diskPressure > 125 (warning)


Datastore [datastore name] is heavily overcommitted. Storage provisioned is [provisionedGB]GB for capacity [disk size GB]GB. This equates to disk pressure of [pressure]%.

Storage overcommit is not a performance issue but high overcommit means that remaining space can be very quickly used up if VMs start to use their allocation.

Datastore is currently using [usedPct]% with [freeGB] GB space remaining.

Veeam VMware: Datastore Unknown Files Analysis

Note: By default, this monitor is disabled for VVOLs, VSANs and NFS datastores because these datastores may report incorrect data on space usage.



unknownFilesGB>50, warning



Datastore [datastore name] contains files unknown to vCenter totaling [unknownFilesGB] GB in size.

These files could be orphaned snapshots, orphaned VMs, or manually copied files such as ISO.

Run the Diagnostic Task against the Datastore to see the full list of unknown files.

Datastore is currently [usedPct]% used with [freeGB] GB space remaining.