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Scan Datastore for Unknown Files Task

The Scan Datastore for Unknown Files task works as follows:

  1. The task scans the datastore to get a list of all available datastore files.
  2. The task scans virtual machines in the vSphere inventory to get a list of all registered VM files.
  3. The task compares the lists obtained at steps 1 and 2 to reveal a list of ‘unknown’ files. You can see a sample diagnostic output below:

Starting diagnostic scan of Datastore [name] for unknown/garbage files

Excluded extensions: ISO

Skipped file(s) size: 3 ISO files, total 8.4 GB

Excluded folders: TMP

Skipped folder(s) size: 1 folder(s), 2.03 GB

Calculating known files….

Scanning Datastore….

List of remaining unknown (to vCenter) files on this Datastore:

\temp\unknown.doc, 0.3 GB

\ISO\temp.DB, 1.5 GB

\VM1\spreadsheet.xls, 0.8 GB

Total space used by above unknown files: 2.6 GB

You can override the following parameters for the Scan Datastore for Unknown Files, as well as for the Veeam VMware: Datastore Unknown Files Analysis Diagnostic Task:

  • Timeout Seconds (numeric value, default 3600);
  • Exclude Files (comma-separated list, default *vmft, *-ctk.vmdk, .*vmx~);
  • Exclude Folders (comma-separated list, default .vSphere-HA/*, .dvsData/*);
  • Sort Options ("S+", "S-", "N+", "N-", "S-N-", "S+N-", "S-N+", "S+N+", "N-S-", "N-S+", "N+S-", "N+S+"):
    • S+/S- — sort by file size;
    • N+/N- — sort by file name;
    • Default is size-name+, that is, sort by size, descending (-), and then by name, ascending (+);
    • When combined — sort by the first parameter and then, if there are equal files, sort by the second parameter.
  • Enable — run diagnostic action automatically (default False; available only for the Diagnostic Task).
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