Virtual Machine Analysis Dashboards

The Virtual Machine Analysis dashboards can be launched in context of Virtual Machine. The following Virtual Machine Analysis dashboards are available:

VM Compute Latency Analysis

VM Compute Latency Analysis Dashboard

VM CPU Usage Analysis

VM CPU Usage Analysis Dashboard

VM CPU Scheduling Analysis

VM CPU Scheduling Analysis Dashboard

VM Memory Usage Analysis

VM Memory Usage Analysis Dashboard

VM Memory Swap/Balloon Analysis

VM Memory Swap/Balloon Analysis Dashboard

VM Network Traffic Analysis

VM Network Traffic Analysis Dashboard

VM Storage Latency Analysis

VM Storage Latency Analysis Dashboard

VM Storage I/O Analysis

VM Storage I/O Analysis Dashboard

VM Snapshot Analysis

VM Snapshot Analysis Dashboard


For the Analysis Dashboards scoped at Virtual Machine, the performance chart in the upper left pane may display one or more of the following metrics collected using the in-guest OpsMgr agent, if present.





% Processor Time


% Memory Used


% Page File Used




% Bandwidth Used


% Disk Time

If the OpsMgr agent is not deployed inside the virtualized OS, then these metrics will not be available and the upper left pane in the dashboard may be empty.

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