Monitoring VMware Servers, Jobs, and Groups

This section provides a brief description of the monitoring concepts and objects used in the Veeam UI.

Monitored VMware Servers

The VE Service uses remote agentless connections to VMware systems. Both connections to vCenter Servers and direct connections to standalone vSphere hosts are supported. These connections are known as Monitored VMware Servers.

Monitoring Jobs

The VE Service logically breaks each VMware connection into Monitoring Jobs — by default, each job monitors a single vSphere cluster or standalone host. To optimally distribute these jobs between available Collectors, the VE Service uses the load-balancing algorithm.

Monitoring Groups

In the Veeam UI, Collectors can be logically divided into Monitoring Groups. Monitoring job failover and load balancing will occur within one group. Each group has custom collection settings (such as a data collection interval).