Getting Started

Before you start monitoring your virtual environment with Veeam MP for VMware, make sure that you have a sufficient number of Veeam VMware Collectors deployed to handle the monitoring load.

An attempt to monitor too many objects with a single Collector could overload the OpsMgr Health Service on the Collector, and thus cause unstable operation and monitoring outage.

Before you install any of Veeam MP for VMware components, use the Veeam MP for VMware Sizing Calculator included in the Veeam MP for System Center Resource Kit to estimate the number of Collectors required for your environment. For more information, see the Architecture Overview Guide.

After you install Veeam MP for VMware , consider the following:

  • In case you add a new vCenter Server connection, the Veeam UI will provide guidance on the number of Collectors required. For more information, see Adding VMware Systems.
  • In case the Health Service is overloaded with the incoming VMware data, the Veeam MP for VMware real-time monitoring will fire alerts. For more information, see Troubleshooting.

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