Performance Analysis Monitors

Veeam MP for VMware has a unique feature of Performance Analysis Monitors. These monitors can:

  1. Accept multiple performance metric inputs, with multiple thresholds.
  2. Gather related data on other vSphere objects and perform real-time analytics.
  3. Output dynamically generated Alert Descriptions.

The auto-generated description text may include:

  • ‘Top N’ related objects (for example the “Top 5 VMs for CPU usage” on a given host)
  • Troubleshooting hints (such as “CPU Limit setting on this VM is very low”)
  • Additional guidance and metric correlation data

The definition for one of these advanced monitors is shown below as an example. This monitor gathers 3 key metrics related to VM memory usage, specifically:

  • memoryBalloonPct
  • memorySwapRate
  • cpuSwapRatePct

For definitions of these metrics see the Veeam MP for VMware Reference.

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