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Overriding a Veeam Analysis Monitor with ‘Top N’ Functionality

The example chosen here is Analysis Monitor Veeam VMware: vSphere Host CPU Usage Analysis. This monitor analyses metric CPU Usage % for vSphere hosts. The monitor alert description will include not only the host CPU usage, but also the Top 5 virtual machines for real-time CPU usage on that host.

To override the monitor thresholds:

  1. In the Ops Mgr console Authoring pane, select Management Pack Objects > Monitors.
  2. In the Look For box, search for ‘veeam’.
  3. From the list on the right pane, right-click the monitor under target ‘VMware vSphere Host CPU’, and from its shortcut menu select Overrides > Override the Monitor and then choose your desired scope, for example ‘for all objects of class: VMware vSphere Host’ to make the override global.

Overriding 'Veeam VMware: vSphere Host CPU Usage Analysis' Monitor

  1. Note the additional override parameter InstanceCount. This defines the number of Top N objects (in this case, VMs) that will be included in the alert description.
  2. Choose a Management Pack to store your overrides in (Microsoft Best Practice dictates a dedicated Overrides MP for each sealed MP), and click OK.

The monitor operates as follows:

  • Two thresholds (Warning and Critical) are available.
  • NumSamples parameter can be used to prevent alerting on single-sample spikes.
  • The alert description is dynamically generated and also contains the Top N related/contained objects affecting the source metric.

Example alert output from this Top N Analysis Monitor is below:

Veeam VMware: vSphere Host CPU Usage Analysis

Alert Description



The vSphere host esx-prod2.veeam.local has high CPU Usage with a value of 92.7% averaged over 2 sample(s).
The Top [N] virtual machines for CPU usage on this host are -
VM Name - CPU Usage MHz
akDEV1 - 2722 MHz
akVCDEV - 1691 MHz
akMP5 - 1540 MHz
akDEV5 - 416 MHz
akDEV4 - 399 MHz

Full Path Name:


Alert Monitor:

Veeam VMware: vSphere Host CPU Usage Analysis

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