vMotions History

This report shows the history of VM migrations across a time range.

Example Output

In this example, the report allows you to detect virtual machines whose disk files were relocated to and from the selected cluster during this month.

To run this report:

  1. From the From list, select This month > First day. From the To list, select Today.
  2. In the Scope section, include the necessary cluster in the report.
  3. From the Scope Defines list, select Host.
  4. From the Group by list, select VMware Virtual Machine.
  5. Click Run to view the report.

vMotions History Report Settings

The output will show each VM that was present in this cluster during the reporting period.

vMotions History Report Output

For every VM, the report chart and report table will display exact VM migration date and time.

It can be seen from the output that the SQL2008r2 VM resided on one host since 21.03., but then migrated to another on 09.04.

vMotions History Report Output Details

If the Group By parameter is chosen as Host, there will be one chart per host and the chart will show all VMs present on each host during the reporting interval.

vMotions History Report Output for Host