Troubleshooting Event and Performance Data Delivery


Performance views and reports, and alert/event views are not populating as expected.


First, all troubleshooting steps described in previous sections should be followed, to establish whether there is a root cause such as connection failure, service stopped and so on.

If the above has been completed, then the instructions below describe how to examine the underlying delivery mechanisms used by Veeam for VMware data.

Solution 1. Event Data Delivery

The Veeam Collector will post event data to two custom Windows Event logs called Veeam Collector and Veeam VMware. These are created during installation on every Veeam Collector server.

  1. Open the Event Viewer on the Collector server where the Collector is installed, and check that the logs exist and that new events are being posted. As a minimum, ‘housekeeping’ event triggers will be regularly posted there.
  2. If the logs do not exist, reboot the system, then re-open Computer Management snap-in and check that the Veeam VMware Collector service is installed and running. If not, then attempt to reinstall or repair the Collector.

Solution 2. Performance Data Delivery

The Veeam Collector will post performance data as WMI Instances. To confirm delivery of this data use the Windows utility WBEMTEST.

  1. Launch WBEMTest, using a command prompt or the Run command.
  2. Click the Connect button, enter Namespace root\nworks, and then click Connect again.
  3. Click the Enum Instances button.
  4. In the dialog displayed, enter Superclass name, for example HostStats, and click OK.  
  5. Instances of HostStats (the metric class for collection from vSphere hosts) should be displayed; their exact number depends on how many vSphere hosts are monitored on this Collector.

You can double-click an instance for further information on its contents. The appearance here of the instances confirms that the Collector is posting collected host metrics into WMI.

The available Superclasses of data are:

  • Cluster
  • ResourcePool
  • HostProperties
  • HostStats
  • HostDiskStats
  • HostNetStats
  • DatastoreStats
  • SensorStats
  • VMProperties
  • VMStats
  • VMDiskProperties
  • VMDiskStats
  • VMNetStats
  • DatastoreHostStats
  • DatastoreCluster
  • HostAdapterStats
  • DatastoreVmStats

Details on the metrics available in each class can be found online in the Veeam MP for VMware Metric Dictionary.

  1. If no instances are shown, or they do not update every 5 minutes, then there is an issue with the connection to vCenter Server, or with the Collector installation. Check connection status and configuration as described in previous troubleshooting steps above.
  2. Check the Application and OpsMgr event logs for issues related to WMI.