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    Veeam MP for VMware is licensed per a CPU socket. A CPU socket is defined as a single physical processor chip on a vSphere host in the monitored environment. The Veeam MP for VMware solution does not take into account the number of cores on a physical CPU. The minimum purchase is 10 CPU sockets.

    You must provide a license during the Veeam MP for VMware installation process. That is why, before you start the deployment, make sure you have obtained your license from Veeam Software. One license file covers the entire environment. A free 30-day trial license is available.

    License Editions

    Veeam MP for VMware is available only in the Enterprise Plus Edition. The following table describes features included in the edition.




    Storage, network and compute topology views

    Topology diagrams provide app-to-metal visibility and show relationships and dependencies between physical and virtual resources.

    Alerting rules and monitors

    Numerous out-of-the-box rules and monitors ensure complete visibility of the virtual infrastructure, track health state and alert on potential issues to help you meet service levels and eliminate problems.

    Built-in knowledge base

    Built-in knowledge articles with expert guidance provide context to warnings and alerts, offer corrective actions and help decrease the resolution time.

    Veeam Morning Coffee Dashboard®

    The dashboard provides at-a-glance real-time overview of your infrastructure. It tracks the state of infrastructure objects and the overall resource utilization, and immediately displays these changes in a single view.

    Advanced Heatmap and Traffic Light dashboards

    Real-time performance dashboards, top dashboards with 'traffic lights', and heatmaps give at-a-glance view of the infrastructure health state, performance and resource usage.

    Capacity Planning dashboards

    The Capacity Planning report functionality of Enterprise Plus is also available as a dashboard widget, showing forecasting projections for resource usage.

    Veeam Widget Library

    Customizable widgets for Ops Mgr dashboards help you plan and optimize any resources in your infrastructure. The widgets can display data about any items in Ops Mgr – not just Veeam MP objects.


    Veeam Report Library

    Veeam Report Library includes a set of proprietary generic reports that extend functionality of the Microsoft Generic Report Library and offer a number of additional useful features. The reports included in the library can be used to analyze health and performance of any types of infrastructure objects and performance counter instances, both in the physical and virtual environments.

    Capacity Planning for Hybrid Cloud reports

    Veeam Capacity Planning for Hybrid Clouds MP includes reports that analyze your on-premises virtual workloads and get recommendations for the IaaS resources required in Microsoft Azure or VMware Hybrid Cloud.

    Veeam VMware Analysis Reports

    Veeam VMware Analysis Reports analyze health and performance of virtual infrastructure objects, evaluate the efficiency of resource utilization and optimize VMs’ resource provisioning.

    Veeam VMware Capacity Planning Reports

    Veeam VMware Capacity Planning Reports forecast when available virtual infrastructure resources will reach their limits. These reports allow you to optimize performance and resource utilization in your virtual environment and maintain the sufficient level of resources.

    Veeam VMware Performance History Reports

    Veeam VMware Performance History Reports analyze performance of virtual infrastructure objects, evaluate the efficiency of resource utilization and detect top or bottom resource consumers.

    High Availability Monitoring

    vCenter Connection Failover

    vCenter Connection Failover allows host and VM monitoring to continue, even if vCenter Server goes offline.

    If connection to vCenter Server is lost, Veeam MP creates direct monitoring connections to all vSphere hosts. This feature eliminates vCenter Server as a SPoF (Single Point of Failure) for monitoring data.

    Collector High Availability

    Veeam Collectors can be logically divided into monitoring groups. In the event of Collector failure, monitoring jobs will be automatically and optimally distributed to other Collectors available in the monitoring group.

    Load balancing of collection tasks

    Users can initiate load balancing to relocate monitoring jobs across available Collectors and equalize monitoring load on Collectors.

    Cluster splitting

    Large host clusters can be split into multiple monitoring jobs to allow more flexible load-balancing.

    MP for Veeam Backup & Replication

    Veeam backup infrastructure monitoring

    MP for Veeam Backup & Replication provides real-time alerting on the status of Veeam Backup & Replication jobs, and the health, performance and availability of the Veeam Backup infrastructure — services, repositories, proxies, and WAN accelerators.

    Veeam Backup Reports

    Veeam Backup Reports help you track the overall state of your backup infrastructure and optimize backup protection of VMs.

    Other Features

    Collector auto-deployment

    During installation, you can choose to automatically deploy Veeam VMware Collectors on Management Servers in a specific Ops Mgr resource pool.


    VEShell provides a set of cmdlets for automating configuration and management of VE Service.

    For further information on Veeam MP licensing, see FAQs on Veeam Management Pack for System Center.