Veeam MP Dashboards/Views are Empty


  • Veeam MP dashboards and views display no data
  • Data in dashboards and views is not updated
  • You get errors when trying to access dashboards and views
  • Widget performance degraded drastically


  1. Performance data has not been aggregated yet in the Data Warehouse.

After installation (or discovery of new objects), you should normally wait several hours before data is collected and aggregated:

  • 4 hours for ‘Top N’ widgets
  • 72 hours for capacity planning widgets and reports
  • 24 hours for other reports
  1. The latest OpsMgr updates for improved performance of visualization components (dashboards and widgets) have not been applied. The latest updates contain fixes for OpsMgr console issues.
  2. Console process thread is full with queue of data queries. This could also be an indication of poor performance of SQL servers hosting the OpsMgr databases.


  1. Make sure that the latest OpsMgr Update Rollup is installed. Keep in mind that when applying console updates, you must also:
  • Apply all necessary server updates and SQL scripts.
  • Import all updated management packs.
  1. Wait until performance data is collected and aggregated. In Veeam MP performance views, check that sufficient data is available for the corresponding object.
  2. Perform Clear Cache for the OpsMgr console to correctly load all views. To do this, start the Operations console with the /clearcache (or /C) parameter.

For example, for Operations Manager 2016, run this command in the command prompt:

"%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft System Center 2016\Operations Manager\Console\Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Monitoring.Console.exe" /clearcache

For more details on clearing cache in Operations Manager console, see Microsoft Docs.