The Veeam components are largely ‘self-monitoring’ using built-in OpsMgr functionality, and additional rules and monitors in Veeam MP for VMware; the first step in troubleshooting should be to review the Veeam MP Managed Infrastructure view showing Extensions Service, Monitoring Group (default), Collector heartbeat tracker and vCenter Server connection:

Veeam Extensions Topology

Alerts visible here will refer to licensing, service status, and connections to VMware systems for:

  • VE Service
  • Veeam Collectors

Use the other available views in the Veeam for VMware > Veeam Collectors subfolder of views to troubleshoot problems in the Veeam back-end collection infrastructure.

Also check standard OpsMgr alerts (in the Monitoring > _All Active Alerts view) for the status of the OpsMgr Agents deployed to the Veeam servers.

Some specific troubleshooting scenarios are examined in more detail further.

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