Performing Instant VM Recovery of Workloads to Hyper-V VMs

To recover workloads as Hyper-V VMs, you can use the following backups:

  • Backups of Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines created with Veeam Backup & Replication

Support of instant recovery of AHV VMs to Hyper-V environment is “experimental”. For details, see the Veeam Experimental Support Statement.

* After backups are copied from external repositories using backup copy jobs.

Before you start Instant VM Recovery, check prerequisites. Then use the Instant VM Recovery to Hyper-V wizard to recover workloads as VMs.


  1. Launch the Instant VM Recovery wizard
  2. Select workloads
  3. Select a restore point
  4. Select a recovery mode
  5. Select a target host
  6. Select a target datastore
  7. Specify network mapping
  8. Change VM name and UUID
  9. Specify secure restore settings
  10. Specify a restore reason
  11. Verify Instant VM Recovery settings
  12. Finalize Instant VM Recovery
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