Rescanning External Repository

To synchronize the state of an external repository with the state of an object storage (Amazon S3 or Azure Blob), you can use the rescan feature.

Consider the following:

  • By default, rescan is done automatically every 24 hours and synchronizes your external repository state with that of object storage to fetch newly created restore points and other required metadata.
  • Rescan is done automatically after you add an external repository to the backup infrastructure.
  • Rescan session results are saved to the configuration database and can be found in the History view under the System node.

To rescan external repositories manually:

  1. Open the Backup Infrastructure view.
  2. In the inventory pane, click External Repositories.
  3. Select a repository you want to rescan and click Rescan on the ribbon menu or right-click a repository and select Rescan.

If you have more than one external repository added to the scope, you may want to rescan all the repositories altogether. For that, right-click the root External Repositories node in the navigation pane and select Rescan.

Rescanning External Repository

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