Limitations for Capacity Tier

Consider the following limitations for capacity tier:

  • You can add only one type of object storage repository as a capacity extent. For example, if your first added Microsoft Azure Blob object storage as a capacity extent, you cannot add Amazon S3 object storage as a second capacity extent.
  • You cannot add more than one instance of Azure Databox or Snowball Edge AWS object storage repository as a capacity extent.
  • Before you start using the capacity tier, make sure to check the pricing plans of your cloud storage provider to avoid additional costs for offloading and downloading backup data.
  • Downloading or restoring data from capacity tier does not reuse the existing blocks present on performance tier if performance tier consists of object storage repositories.
  • Full restore points downloaded from capacity tier to ReFS or XFS performance extents do not use Fast Clone.
  • If you use immutability and have several extents in your capacity tier, you must enable it for all extents within this tier. You cannot use mixed configuration and have only one extent with immutability enabled.
  • You cannot use the same object storage repository as a performance extent and as a capacity extent.