Creating File Copy Jobs

To schedule a copying process for files and folders, you must configure a file copy job. You can run the file copy job immediately after its creation, schedule or save the job.

File copy jobs let you copy files between the following backup infrastructure objects:

  • Virtualization hosts
  • Microsoft Windows servers
  • Linux servers
  • ExaGrid storage appliances used as backup repositories
  • Quantum DXi
  • Fujitsu ETERNUS CS800
  • Infinidat InfiniGuard

Before you configure a file copy job, check prerequisites. Then use the New File Copy Job wizard to create a job.

  1. Launch the New File Copy Job wizard.
  2. Specify a job name and description.
  3. Select files and folders to be copied.
  4. Select a destination for copying.
  5. Define a job schedule.
  6. Finish working with the wizard.

Page updated 6/22/2023

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