Immutability for Performance Tier

Veeam Backup & Replication allows you to prohibit deletion of data from the repositories added as a performance extent by making that data temporarily immutable. It is done for increased security: immutability protects your data from loss as a result of attacks, malware activity or any other injurious actions.

You can enable immutability for the following types of repositories:

The immutable data within the performance extent cannot be subject to the following operations:

  • Manual removal of data, as described in section Deleting Backups from Object Storage.
  • Removal of data by the retention policy, as described in section Retention Policy.
  • Removal of data using any cloud service provider tools.
  • Removal of data by the cloud service provider technical support department.
  • Removal of data by the Remove deleted items data after option, as described in section Maintenance Settings.

Immutability for Backup Object Storage Repositories Added as Performance Extents

Immutability settings for the following types of backups files depends on a configuration of a scale-out backups repository:

Consider the following scenarios:

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