Creating Object to Tape Jobs

To write object storage data to tape, configure an object to tape job. The backup job defines how, where and when to back up data from the object storage. One job can be used to protect data from one or more types of object storage. Jobs can be started manually or scheduled to run automatically at a specific time.

Before you create an object to tape job, check prerequisites. Then use the New Object to Tape Job wizard to configure the backup job.

  1. Launch the New Object To Tape Job wizard.
  2. Specify a job name and description.
  3. Choose objects to archive.
  4. Choose a media pool for full backup.
  5. Specify a media pool for incremental backups.
  6. Specify archiving options.
  7. Specify advanced job settings.
  8. Finish working with the wizard.

Page updated 12/5/2023

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