Restoring Entire VM

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    If a VM has failed, you can recover it from the backup with entire VM restore. You can restore one or more VMs at once, to the original location or new location.

    The entire VM restore operation recovers an entire VM from the backup file and registers the VM on the target host. Full VM recovery takes more time than Instant Recovery as you have to extract the VM image from the backup to the production storage. However, you do not need to take any additional steps to finalize entire VM restore: entire VM restore actually recovers a failed VM on the production storage and provides full disk I/O performance.

    Before you restore a VM from the backup, check prerequisites. Then use the Full VM Restore wizard to restore the necessary VM.

    1. Launch the Full VM Restore wizard
    2. Select VMs to restore
    3. Select a restore point
    4. Select a restore mode
    5. Select a target host for a restored VM
    6. Select a target datastore
    7. Specify network mapping
    8. Change a VM name and UUID
    9. Specify secure restore settings
    10. Specify staged restore settings
    11. Specify a restore reason
    12. Verify recovery settings