Restoring Specific Files and Folders

You can restore specific files and folders to the original or a new location. This option can be useful, for example, if you need to get an older version of some files and folders from the backup.

When you restore specific files, you can extract file versions not only from the backup repository, but also from the archive repository. For more information, see Restoring Backup Files from Archive Repository.


Consider that from the archive repository you can restore files only. Restore of whole folders from the long-term repository is not supported.

Besides, you can restore multiple versions of the same file.

Before you restore specific files and folders, check prerequisites. Then use the File Restore wizard to restore files and folders of the file share.

  1. Launch the File Restore wizard.
  2. Select an object to restore.
  3. Verify restore object settings.
  4. Select files and folders to restore.
  5. Select a restore point.
  6. Select a file version to restore.
  7. Specify the destination for file restore.
  8. Finish working with the wizard.

Page updated 6/3/2024

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