Archive Tier

Archive tier is an additional tier of storage that can be attached to a scale-out backup repository. You can transport data to the archive tier for archive storage from the following extents:

  • From performance extents that consist of Amazon S3 or Microsoft Azure  object storage repositories.
  • From capacity extents.

Storing archived data in the archive tier is cheaper than in the capacity tier. However, restoring data from the archive tier is longer and more expensive compared to the capacity tier. Data must be prepared for restore from the archive tier.

This feature is most useful in the following cases:

  • You have a lot of rarely (no more than once a quarter) accessed data that has to be stored in an archive.
  • You want to save costs and space on storing archived data.

The following types of backup files are suitable for archive storage:

The archive tier consists of a single archive extent. One of the following cloud-based object storage repositories providing "cold" data storage can be added as the archive extent:

Before an object storage repository can be configured as the archive extent, it must be added to Veeam Backup & Replication backup infrastructure. For more information, see Adding Amazon S3 Glacier Storage or Adding Azure Archive Storage.

You can add the archive extent to your scale-out backup repository and configure its settings on the Add Archive Tier step of the New Scale-out Backup Repository wizard.

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