Step 2. Specify Object Storage Account

At the Account step of the wizard, do the following:

  1. In the Service point field, specify a service point address of your AWS Snowball Edge device.
  2. In the Region field, fill in your region.
  3. In the Credentials drop-down list, select user credentials to access your AWS Snowball Edge storage.

If you already have a credentials record that was configured in advance, select such a record in the drop-down list. Otherwise, click Add and provide your access and secret keys, as described in Cloud Credentials Manager.

If your organization uses NAT or different types of firewalls and your access to the internet is limited, you can employ a dedicated Windows or Linux-based gateway server to govern inbound/outbound traffic management. For more information on how to add such a server to your environment, see Adding Microsoft Windows Servers and Adding Linux Servers respectively.

To use a gateway server, select the Use the following gateway server check box and choose an appropriate server from the list. If no gateway server is selected, all scale-out backup repository extents must have direct Internet access.

Step 2. Specify Object Storage Account 

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