Archiving Job

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    The process of moving backup files to the archive tier is called an archiving job. The archiving job takes place in a separate job session. The archiving job launches periodically, under the same default schedule as the offload job from the performance tier to the capacity tier.

    New backup files are offloaded to the archive tier and outdated ones are cleaned up during the same archiving session. You can archive backup files if they meet all the following conditions:

    • The type of backup file is appropriate. For details, see Archive Tier.
    • Backup files are offloaded to the capacity tier.
    • Backup files have not been archived yet.
    • Backup files belong to inactive backup chains.
    • Backup files have been created N days ago according to Archive backup files older than N days setting of the Add Archive Tier step of the wizard.


    If you set the value in the Archive backup files older than N days field to 0, the backup files will be moved to the archive tier during the nearest archiving session, and will no longer participate in the capacity tier data deduplication.

    • If you have selected the Archive backups only if the remaining retention time is above minimal storage period check box of the Add Archive Tier step of the wizard:
    1. for Amazon S3 Glacier storage: only backup files with retention period no less than 90 days.
    2. for Microsoft Azure Archive storage: only backup files with retention period no less than 180 days.

    Backup files that meet all the following conditions will be cleaned up:

    • Backup files that do not have corresponding original file on the performance tier
    • Backup files with expired or unspecified immutability period. For more information, see Immutability for Archive Tier.

    After the archiving job is completed, the transported files are deleted from the capacity tier. It happens during the next offload to capacity tier session.

    Cleanup Tasks

    Cleanup tasks exist within archiving jobs. They are launched if there are only outdated backup files to delete during a certain job session, and no new backup files are to be offloaded to the archive tier.

    Cleanup tasks do not require proxy appliances.