Linking Backup Jobs to Backup Copy Jobs

You can link backup jobs to backup copy jobs. This option lets you create a secondary target for the backup job and store backups created by the backup job in the secondary backup repository.

When you link a backup job to the backup copy job, Veeam Backup & Replication automatically updates properties of the backup copy job and adds to it the backup job as a source of data. During every backup copy session, the backup copy job checks the source backup repository for new restore points. As soon as a backup job session is finished and a new restore point appears in the source backup repository, the backup copy job automatically copies this restore point to the target backup repository.

You can link a backup job to an existing backup copy job using the Backup Job wizard. To link jobs:

  1. Open the backup job settings for editing. For more information, see Editing Job Settings.
  2. Navigate to the Storage step.
  3. Select the Configure secondary destination for this job check box.

Linking Backup Jobs to Backup Copy Jobs 

  1. At the Secondary Target step of the wizard, click Add and choose a backup copy job to which the backup job must be linked. The backup copy job must be already configured on the backup server.

Linking Backup Jobs to Backup Copy Jobs 

Page updated 9/4/2023

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