Step 6. Configure Network Settings

At the Network step of the wizard, you can select to which Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) the restored workload must be connected. You can also specify a subnet, and a security group — a virtual firewall for the restored EC2 instance. For more information on Amazon VPC, see the AWS Documentation.

To configure network settings for the restored workload, do the following:

  1. From the Amazon VPC list, select the Amazon VPC where the restored workload will be launched.
  2. From the Subnet list, select the subnet for the restored workload.
  3. From the Security group list, select a security group that will be associated with your restored workload.
  4. From the Public IP address list, select one of the following:
  • Assign (restored VM will be accessible from the Internet) — if you want to assign a public IP to the restored workload. For security reasons, make sure traffic filtration rules are properly configured in the security group.
  • Do not assign (more secure) — if you do not want to assign a public IP.

Step 6. Configure Network Settings 

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