Limitations for Scale-Out Backup Repositories

Scale-out backup repositories have the following limitations:

For each scale-out backup repository, you can have either backup repositories or object storage repositories added as a performance extent or a capacity extent. You can have 2 active, and 1 inactive (that is, put to the Maintenance mode) performance or capacity extents. You can add inactive extents, for example, if any of active extents has no free space, and you want to evacuate backup data from it.

If you add four performance extents and do not put any of them to the Maintenance mode, the jobs targeted at the scale-out backup repository will fail.

Veeam Universal License and Enterprise Plus editions have no limitations on the number of scale-out backup repositories or performance extents and capacity extents.

Names of VBM file and paths to VBM files must not contain spaces.

If a name of a VBM file or a path to a VBM file contains prohibited characters, Veeam Backup & Replication will fail to import such backup during rescan of the scale-out backup repository. To import such backup, you can replace prohibited characters with the underscore character, for example: C:\My Repository\Backup_Job\Backup_Job.vbm. You do not need to rename the actual backup files.