Preparing Linux Server

To prepare a Linux server as a hardened repository, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a user account that you will use to connect to the Linux server and deploy required Veeam Backup & Replication components including persistent Veeam Data Mover, or transport service. For more information about Veeam Data Movers, see this section.

Use the following command:

adduser <username>


To install persistent Veeam Data Mover, the user account you created must have root permissions. To evaluate account privileges, you can add it to the sudoers file. In that case, when you add a Linux server as a hardened repository to the backup infrastructure and specify single-use credentials, you do not need to enter the password for the root account. But after the repository is added, you must remove the user account from the file. For more details, see Step 3. Specify Linux Server.

  1. Create a separate directory where immutable backups will be stored. Allow access to this directory only for the user account you use to connect to the Linux server. Use the following commands:
  • To create the directory:

mkdir <dir_path>

where <dir_path> — path to the directory you are creating.

  • To assign the directory's owner:

chown -R owner:group <dir_path>

Both owner and group must be the account you use to connect to the Linux server.

  • To allow access to the directory only for its owner and root account:

chmod 700 <dir_path>