Integration with VCSP Pulse

Veeam Service Provider Console offers integration with VCSP Pulse to facilitate license management.

Integration allows you to create and manage VCSP Pulse license keys in Veeam Service Provider Console and assign license keys to client companies without accessing VCSP Pulse portal.

This solution is intended for resellers who:

  • Use Veeam Service Provider Console to manage and monitor data protection operations and services.
  • Have Veeam ProPartner Program membership.
  • Have a service provider who uses VCSP Pulse for license management and usage reporting.

This section assumes that you have a good understanding of VCSP Pulse.



You can access VCSP Pulse plugin if your service provider has configured integration with VCSP Pulse.


Integration Features

To provide integration with VCSP Pulse, Veeam Service Provider Console uses a predefined application plugin. The plugin allows two applications to communicate with each other through integration features — integration points that allow bidirectional synchronization of data.

VCSP Pulse plugin includes the following integration features:



You can access only the integration features that were enabled by your Service Provider.


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