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Step 14. Specify Cloud Repository Quota

The Backup Quota step of the wizard is available if at the Destination step you have chosen to save backup files on a cloud repository.

You can select one of the following options:

  • Use sub-tenant accounts for each managed backup agent automatically with the following user quota.

If you select this option, Veeam Service Provider Console will create a subtenant account for each protected computer of a corresponding company. Veeam backup agent will use this account to write data to the cloud repository. The name of the subtenant account is formed according to the following pattern: <company_name>_<computer_name>.

The subtenant quota will be set to the amount specified in the User quota field. If you do not want to limit the amount of space allocated to a subtenant, select the Unlimited quota check box.

For details on subtenant accounts, see section Subtenants of the Veeam Cloud Connect Administrator Guide.

  • Use single tenant account for all computers managed by the company (not recommended).

If you select this option, Veeam Service Provider Console will store backups on a cloud repository using an account of a company to which protected computers belong.

Specify Cloud Repository Quota

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