Step 7. Specify Rates for Microsoft 365 Services

At the Microsoft 365 Backup step of the wizard, specify charge rates for managed Veeam Backup for Microsoft 365 services:

  • In the Protected user field, specify a charge rate for a protected Microsoft 365 user.
  • In the Standard storage field, specify the size of a Microsoft 365 backups data block in GB or TB and a charge rate for one block.
  • In the Archive storage field, specify the data block size in GB or TB for Microsoft 365 backup copies in the archive repository and a charge rate for one block.

You can round up storage usage costs for blocks that exceed the defined block size. For example, if you configured block size of 10 GB and the client company used 13 GB of storage space, the company will be charged for 20 GB of storage space.

To round up usage cost, select the Round up storage usage cost to the higher value when exceeding the defined block size check box.

Note that if you round up storage usage costs, free of charge Microsoft 365 services will be disabled automatically.

If you do not want to charge for a specific service, do not specify a charge rate for it (leave the field blank). If no rate is specified for a service, Veeam Service Provider Console will not take this service into account when calculating the total payment.

For description of chargeable services, see Services.

Specify Rates for Microsoft 365

You can specify the number of services that will be managed free of charge:

  1. Click Advanced settings.
  2. In the Free of charge section, specify the number of users and the amount of storage space for which you will not apply charges.
  3. Click Apply.

Specify Advanced Settings