Jobs Overview

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    The Jobs Overview dashboard shows ratio of successful jobs and jobs that finished with warnings and errors on each day of a specific period.

    Job Overview Dashboard

    By default, the last 30 days are represented on the widget. You can change that to the Current month or Previous month option by selecting it from the Period drop-down list.

    To see detailed information on all job sessions on specific day, click the cell associated with that day. The Job Details window will open.

    Job Details

    To narrow down the list of job sessions, you can apply the following filters:

    • Job Name — search job sessions by job name.
    • Status — search job sessions by status (Success, Warning, Failed).
    • Workload — search job sessions by protected workload type (Virtual Machines, Computers, File Shares, Cloud VMs).

    To export job details, click Export to and select a format of the exported data:

    • CSV — structures exported data as a CSV file.
    • XML — structures exported data as an XML file.

    The file with exported data will be saved to the default download location on your computer.

    Each job session in the list is described with a set of properties.

    • Job Status — status of the latest job session (Success, Warning, Failed).
    • Job Name — name of a data protection job.
    • Server Name — name of a server on which a job is configured.
    • Location — name of a location to which a job belongs.
    • Company — name of a company to which a job belongs.
    • Local Start Time — time when the job session started.
    • Local End Time — time when the job session ended.
    • Duration — time taken to complete the job session.
    • Workload — type of the workload protected by the job (Virtual Machines, Computers, File Shares, Cloud VMs, Database Transaction Logs).
    • Job Type — type of the job (Backup, Replication, SureBackup, Backup copy, Backup to tape, VM Copy, SQL log backup, Oracle log backup, Snapshot, Replica snapshot).

    To get information on jobs that finished with errors and warnings, you can click the link in the job status. The Job Status window containing issue details will open.

    Jobs Overview