Step 9. Configure Notification Settings

At the Notifications step of the wizard, customize welcome email and configure alarm notification settings for the company:

  1. In the Welcome Email section, customize an email that will be sent to client companies:
  • Specify custom text that will be included into welcome email body.

Custom text section supports plain text and HTML tags.

  • To include the Self-Service Portal section with instructions for company users, select the Include "Self-Service Portal" section to the welcome email check box.

To see how the welcome email will look like, click the Preview welcome email link.

  • To save welcome email settings as a template and use it for all managed companies, select the Use this template as default for all managed companies check box.

If you change the default welcome email and clear the check box, the welcome email settings will be modified only for the created company.

  1. In the Predefined Alarms section, set the Enable company alarms toggle to On to enable alarms for the company in the client portal.

With this option enabled, company users can monitor the state of their backup infrastructure and jobs. For details on working with alarms in the Client Portal, see section Working with Alarms of the Guide for End Users.

Customize Welcome Email