Measuring Amount of Consumed Services

An approach used to measure the amount of provided services depends on the type of service.

Services Measured by Actual Numbers

Some services are measured by the actual number of managed objects, size of managed objects, or amount of consumed space as of the date when an invoice is generated.

These services include:

  • Number of managed VMs, workstation agents and server agents
  • Number of VMs, workstation agents and server agents stored in backups on cloud repositories
  • Number of VMs replicated to cloud
  • Amount of space consumed by backups on cloud repositories, file share backups, and amount of space consumed by VM replicas on cloud storage

Services Measured for Billing Period

The following services are measured for a billing period:

  • Data transfer out traffic
  • Compute resources

A billing period is the length of time between two successive invoices. It starts at 0:00 of the day when a previous invoice was generated, and ends at 23:59 of the day prior to the day when the current invoice is generated.

For example, on Wednesday you generated Invoice 1, and on Friday you generated Invoice 2. Invoice 2 will take into account data transfer out traffic and compute resources starting from Wednesday 0:00, and ending on Thursday 23:59. That is, an Invoice 2 will show the cost of services for all full days since a previous saved invoice (Invoice 1).

Measuring Amount of Consumed Services

Services Charged by Flat Rate

Some services, like managed backup services, are measured by a flat rate. Each time you generate an invoice, the cost of these services is added from the subscription plan.

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