Configuring API Keys

To configure Veeam Service Provider Console integration with third party solutions, for example ConnectWise Automate, you must generate API keys. Veeam Service Provider Console uses API keys to authenticate requests from third party solutions to Veeam Service Provider Console server.

Required Privileges

To perform this task, a user must have the following role assigned: Portal Administrator.

Configuring API Keys

To generate public and private API keys:

  1. Log in to Veeam Service Provider Console.

For details, see Accessing Veeam Service Provider Console.

  1. At the top right corner of the Veeam Service Provider Console window, click Configuration.
  2. In the configuration menu on the left, click Security.
  3. Navigate to the API Keys tab.
  4. At the top of the list, click New.
  5. In the Manage API Keys window, select API key type:
  • API key for plugins — choose this option to create an API key for Veeam Service Provider Console internal integrations. For details on Veeam Service Provider Console integrations, see Plugins and Integration.
  • API key for custom integrations — choose this option to create an API key for third party integrations.
  1. Click Generate a key for me.

The Public API key will display.

  1. In the Description field, enter a description for the API key.
  2. Click Create.

The Private API key will display.

Configuring API Keys 

  1. Click Copy key to clipboard to copy the Private API key.

The Private key is only available at the time when the key is created, thus you must save the key externally for future use.

Configuring API Keys 

  1. Click OK.

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