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Veeam Availability Console 2.0 Update 1
Administrator Guide for Service Providers

License Expiration

Veeam Availability Console license period is set in accordance with the chosen licensing program. When this period is over, you must update the license.

To ensure a smooth license update and provide sufficient time to install a new license file, Veeam Availability Console offers a grace period after the license expiration date. During the grace period, Veeam Availability Console keeps working in a full-version mode. The license status during this period appears as Expired (<number> days of grace period remaining).

The duration of the grace period is 2 months.

You must update the license before the end of the grace period. If you do not update the license, after the grace period access to Veeam Availability Console will be disabled for all types of portal users.

To learn how to update Veeam Availability Console license, see Updating License.

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