Step 8. Allocate vCloud Director Resources

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    At the vCloud Director Resources step of the wizard, you can allocate one or more VMware vCloud Director organizations that a reseller can assign to companies. A reseller to which VMware vCloud Director organizations are allocated can provide to managed companies organization vDC resources as cloud hosts.

    To provide vCloud Director resources as cloud hosts for client VM replicas, you must configure integration with VMware vCloud Director in Veeam Cloud Connect. For details, see section vCloud Director Support of the Veeam Cloud Connect Administrator Guide.

    To allocate one or more vCloud Director organizations to the reseller:

    1. Click Add.
    2. In the vCloud Director Resource window, choose a vCloud Director organization whose Organization vDC resources you want allocate to the reseller as cloud hosts.

    The N. of virtual Data Centers field will display the number of available vDCs for the selected organization.

    1. Click OK.
    2. Repeat steps 1–3 for all vCloud Director organizations which you want to allocate to the reseller.

    Allocate vCloud Director Resources