Veeam Service Provider Console 4.0
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Installing Veeam Backup Agents

To manage Veeam backup agents in Veeam Service Provider Console, you must deploy two software components on client computers:

  • Veeam backup agent

This software component is responsible for all types of data protection and restore operations on a client computer.

  • Veeam Service Provider Console management agent

This software component acts as a broker between Veeam backup agent and Veeam Service Provider Console. The management agent is responsible for transmitting commands from Veeam Service Provider Console to Veeam backup agent, performing management, software installation and configuration operations on a client computer, collecting data from Veeam backup agent and communicating it back to Veeam Service Provider Console.

You can use one of the following methods to deploy Veeam backup agent and Veeam Service Provider Console management agent on computers in client infrastructures:

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