Installing Veeam Backup Agents Manually

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    You can deploy Veeam backup agents and Veeam Service Provider Console management agents on managed computers manually.


    Before you install Veeam backup agents, check the following prerequisites:

    • Obtain the management agent setup file.

    For details, see How to Obtain Management Agent Setup File.

    • [For Microsoft Windows computers] Make sure you have an account with local Administrator permissions on all client computers.
    • [For Linux and macOS computers] Make sure you have the root account or any user account with super user privileges on all client computers.
    • If you plan to apply a backup policy as part of the installation procedure, create a new backup policy or check and if necessary customize one of the predefined policies.

    For details, see Configuring Backup Policies.

    Installing Veeam Backup Agents

    To install Veeam backup agents manually, perform the following steps:

    1. Deploy management agents.

    Manually deploy and configure Veeam Service Provider Console management agents on client computers.

    1. Install Veeam backup agents.

    Install Veeam backup agents on client computers.