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Veeam Availability Console 2.0 Update 1
Administrator Guide for Service Providers


Veeam Availability Console includes a set of monitoring dashboards and views that provide information about managed companies, consumed cloud resources and the state of backup infrastructures on the service provider and client sides.

The dashboard consolidates information about managed client companies, including information about active alarms, managed Veeam backup agents and VMs, consumed cloud resources, invoices, revenue, and so on. This dashboard presents the big picture and serves as the starting point from which you can drill down to dashboards and views with further details.

The dashboard provides information about top resource consumers among client companies in terms of managed Veeam backup agents and VMs, consumed cloud resources, cloud traffic, network resources and so on.

Backup infrastructure dashboards provide information about the client backup infrastructure health state, available resources, and data protection efficiency, as well as information about the Veeam Cloud Connect infrastructure.

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Administrator Guide for Service Providers

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