Step 11. Configure License Management

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    At the License Management step of the wizard, you can assign to the reseller a VCSP Pulse contract that will allow the reseller to manage license keys for tenant companies in VCSP Pulse plugin.

    This option is available if you have configured VCSP Pulse integration. For details, see Integration with VCSP Pulse.

    To assign a VCSP Pulse contract to the reseller:

    1. To enable license management for the reseller, set the License creation toggle to On.
    2. If necessary, in the Contract ID list, change the VCSP Pulse contract that you want to assign to the reseller.
    3. To limit the amount of points the reseller can assign to tenant companies, set the Points quota toggle to On and specify the points quota.

    After you assign a VCSP Pulse contract, reseller will get access to VCSP Pulse plugin for Veeam Service Provider Console and will be able to create and assign license keys to managed companies.

    Configure License Management