Before You Begin

Before you create an application group, check the following prerequisites:

  • A valid license for Enterprise edition of Veeam Backup & Replication must be installed on the backup server.
  • All applications and services on which verified VMs are dependent must be virtualized in your environment.
  • If you plan to scan VMs data for malware, check requirements and limitations.
  • If you plan to verify VMs with a ping test, the firewall on tested VMs must allow ping requests.
  • If you plan to verify VMs with a heartbeat test, VMware Tools must be installed in tested machines.
  • [For storage snapshots] The storage system must be added to the backup infrastructure.

Consider the following limitations:

  • VM replicas must be in the Ready state. If a VM replica is in the Failover or Failback state, you will not be able to add it to the application group.
  • You cannot add to application groups VMs from backups of VMware Cloud Director VMs, backups created with backup copy jobs and backups stored in Cloud Connect backup repositories.