Specifying Existing Azure AD Application

This step applies only if you have selected the Use the existing account option at the Account Type step of the wizard.

Configuring Azure AD Application

To use an existing Azure AD application:

  1. In the Tenant ID specify an ID of a tenant (directory) where the AD application resides.
  2. In the Application ID field, specify the ID of the necessary application. The AD application must have privileges listed in section Permissions.
  3. In the Select authentication type area, choose whether you want to use password-based authentication (application secret) or certificate-based authentication. Then provide the necessary information.

For more information on how to get tenant and application IDs, secret and certificate, see Microsoft Docs.

Enabling Direct Restore of Linux Workloads

To enable direct restore of Linux-based workloads, select the Enable direct restore of Linux-based computers. When selected, this check box enables the Helper Appliance step where you will have to configure helper appliances.

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