Step 1. Launch Restore to Azure Wizard

To launch the Restore to Azure wizard, do one of the following:

  • On the Home tab, click Restore and select the type of backups from which you want to restore:
    • VMware vSphere
    • VMware Cloud Director
    • Microsoft Hyper-V
    • Agent
    • AWS
    • GCE backup
    • Nutanix backup
    • oVirt KVM

In the displayed window, click Entire machine restore > Restore to public cloud > Restore to Microsoft Azure.

  • Open the Home view. In the inventory pane, click Backups. In the working area, expand the necessary backup, select workloads that you want to restore and click Restore to Microsoft Azure on the ribbon. Alternatively, you can right-click one of the workloads that you want to restore and select Restore to Microsoft Azure.
  • Double-click a full backup file (VBK) or backup metadata file (VBM) in a file browser. Veeam Backup & Replication will start its console. In the Backup Properties window, select the necessary workload and click Restore > Restore to Microsoft Azure.

Step 1. Launch Restore to Azure Wizard 

Page updated 4/16/2024

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