Creating Cloud Director CDP Policies

To protect vApps with CDP, you must configure a VMware Cloud Director CDP policy. The CDP policy defines which vApps to protect, where to store replicas, how often create short-term and long-term restore points, and so on. One CDP policy can process one or multiple vApps.

To create a CDP policy, use the New VMware Cloud Director CDP Policy wizard.

  1. Launch the New VMware Cloud Director CDP Policy wizard
  2. Specify a policy name and advanced settings
  3. Select vApps to replicate
  4. Exclude objects
  5. Specify vApp processing order
  6. Select destination for replicas
  7. Configure network mapping
  8. Configure seeding and mapping
  9. Specify data transfer and replica settings
  10. Specify notification settings
  11. Configure a replication schedule
  12. Specify guest processing settings
  13. Finish working with the wizard