Step 5. Define vApp Processing Order

You can define the order in which the replication job must process vApps. Setting vApps order can be helpful, for example, if you have added some mission-critical vApps to the job and want the job to process them first. You can set these vApps first in the list to ensure that their processing fits the backup window.

At the vApps step of the wizard, click Up and Down to change the processing order. The vApps that are listed at the top have a higher priority and will be processed first.


Mind the following:

  • VMs inside vApps or a VM container are processed at random.
  • The processing order may differ from the order that you have specified. For example, if resources of a vApp that is higher in the priority are not available, and resources of a vApp that is lower in the priority are available, Veeam Backup & Replication will process the vApp with the lower priority first.

Step 5. Define vApp Processing Order